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For information on how to recycle your Curtis, Klu and Proscan devices for free, visit our recycling partner for your state of residence:

State Link
Maryland Maryland’s Statewide Electronics Recycling Program requires that a recycling takeback program approved by the Maryland Department of the Environment must be free, including contact information, to Maryland customers. This includes a free shipping container, if requested, by the customer. Curtis International offers a mail-back program that meets the recycling requirements of Maryland law.

In addition, for applicable devices, a manufacturer must provide instructions for the safe wiping of data from devices prior to their return. Please see this link for information

For information on how to have your device recycled, please visit :

Tel: 1 (800) 362-9608
New Jersey Additionally, Curtis International provides locations where your devices may be locally returned. However, there may be a charge for this service.

For information on how to have your Envision device recycled, please visit:

Tel: 1 (800) 362-9608


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