All Igloo Fridges

Can I plug in my fridge as soon as I get home?

Due to the carton movement during the shipping process, all fridges should be placed upright for atleast 2 – 4 hours before being plugged into an electricial outlet. This time will allow the oil in the compressor to settle back in its original place.


How often should I change the water filter?

The filter should be replaced once every 6 month, twice a year.

My Ice Maker Appears to be Scratched:

Your unit has been manufactured with a protective plastic film covering its stainless steel surfaces to prevent scratches during packaging and shipping.
Please gently peel off all of the protective plastic film to expose the stainless steel below.

My Ice Maker is Wet or has Condensation Inside:

Any moisture found when unpacking your icemaker is a result of Factory Quality Assurance Testing during the manufacturing process. You can be assured that your ice maker is factory fresh.


My Igloo Freezer model FRF452 does not have a drain plug as mentioned in the instruction manual.

The Igloo model FRF452 does not come with a drain plug. The absence of a drain plug has no impact on the performance of the product. It has a hole at the bottom and any water that comes gets drained out from this hole.

All Microwaves

There is a cardboard plate on the inside of my microwave. Am I supposed to remove it?

NO, this cardboard plate is NOT to be removed. It is an airwave guide cover (made from MICA material) that assists the microwave in distributing the heat evenly. Removing this cardboard plate may cause damage to the inner liner of the microwave.