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My Ice Maker Appears to be Scratched:

Your unit has been manufactured with a protective plastic film covering its stainless steel surfaces to prevent scratches during packaging and shipping.
Please gently peel off all of the protective plastic film to expose the stainless steel below.

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My Ice Maker is Wet or has Condensation Inside:

Any moisture found when unpacking your icemaker is a result of Factory Quality Assurance Testing during the manufacturing process. You can be assured that your ice maker is factory fresh.

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Manual Defrost Freezer models must be defrosted manually. For best operation, the freezer should be defrosted when the frost accumulation becomes 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Below are the instructions for manually defrosting your freezer.

• Turn the temperature control to OFF and unplug the freezer.

• Remove all food and place in corrugated boxes, insulated bags, picnic coolers, etc. Use towels and newspapers for insulation, as needed.

• Remove the drain plug (on models so equipped).

• With the door open, use pans of hot water to speed the loosening of frost. Remove large pieces of frost before they melt.

• Sponge the excess water from the bottom of the freezer as it collects to prevent overflowing.

• After defrosting, clean the inside of the freezer by wiping down with a baking soda and water solution. Rinse and dry.

• Be sure to replace drain cap (on models so equipped). Return the drain tube to its position and replace the grille.

• Plug the freezer in, return the temperature control to the normal position and return food to the freezer.

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I received my item as a gift, I don’t have the receipt and I don’t know when or where it was purchased.

A proof of purchase is required, please reach out to the gift giver they may have the receipt or have access to a copy.

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I lost my receipt, can I file a warranty claim?

No, we require a proof of purchase to verify date of purchase and that the product was sold by a reputable dealer. If you purchased the product online you should be able to download a receipt through your account. If you purchased the item in the store many retail stores can reprint your receipt upon request.

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I purchased my item six months ago but I just opened the box and discovered that the unit is not working, is it still covered under warranty?

The warranty period begins immediately after the date of purchase, check your manual, if your unit is covered for 1 year (365 days) then please contact to begin the warranty process. If your unit is covered for 90 days, unfortunately the warranty period has expired. We strongly encourage everyone to test all units immediately when you bring them home to avoid disappointment.

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Is there a warranty on my remote?

Remotes included with your new product are covered for a period of 90 days from date of purchase. We will require photographs to validate that the remote is free from damage.


Why is my IP9844 not playing the iPod Video?

Go to the main menu of your iPod player, select “Videos” and press enter. In the resulting window, select “Video Settings” and press enter. In settings, ensure that “TV Out” setting is set to “On”. In this condition, the iPod screen will not play the video but you can enjoy the video on the much bigger screen of IP9844. You can do these settings even while your iPod is docked on to IP9844 by using remote control. If the “Video In/Out” terminal of the IP9844 is connected to another TV, you can enjoy the video on that TV too.


How do I view the video files of my iPod on a TV using my IP1002?

To view the video files of the iPod on an external TV, go to “Video Settings” in the Video menu of the iPod. Set ‘TV Out’ to ON and ‘TV Signal’ to NTSC. Press Menu button to go back to Video menu screen and select the type of video file you wish to play. You may do these settings even while the iPod is docked on IP1002 by using remote control.


Flickering screen on ONN portable projector ONA19AV901 (1080p) with Roku Stick

If you are encountering a flickering screen when using the Roku Stick with the ONA19AV901 (1080p) please note the following changes to what is documented in the manual shipped with the unit. Users must plug the Roku Stick into HDMI2 and the USB end of the stick into USB1 which will immediately resolve this issue.


How do I increase the volume level of my TV?

You may increase the volume level by performing a simple software upgrade. Click on the following link to download the software and the upgrading procedure

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Where can I purchase a replacement glass tray for my microwave?

Replacement microwave plates can be purchased for $25 from Curtis International Ltd. Please mail a certified check or money order (payable to Curtis International Ltd) to 315 Attwell Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 5C1, ATTN: Customer Service Department. Make sure to include your name, complete mailing address, phone number with area code, model number and part required.

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There is a cardboard plate on the inside of my microwave. Am I supposed to remove it?

NO, this cardboard plate is NOT to be removed. It is an airwave guide cover (made from MICA material) that assists the microwave in distributing the heat evenly. Removing this cardboard plate may cause damage to the inner liner of the microwave.


How do I turn the Text-to-Speech (TTS) audio guide ON or OFF?

1.Press “MEMU”key on the remote control。

2.Choose “Setup” menu 。

3.Press  Down Arrow to Select ” Voice  Guidance” or “Video  Description” to turn it on or off at the second page。



No Sound / No Audio RPJ116

This may be a simple setting in your signal source device not a projector issue.

Please check the audio or sound Menu settings in the set top box, BD/DVD player or streaming player, and make sure the “Audio Output” is set to “PCM Stereo”.




My WEBOS TV won’t accept US as a location.

Please follow the steps in the attached document.


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I want to program my universal remote to work on my RCA TV.

Currently, RCA does not have remote codes available. We suggest using the search function on your universal remote, also there are websites that provide codes for various television brands. Here is one option:


How do I improve the performance of my SP953 portable bluetooth speaker?

Please download this tip sheet.


How do I save radio stations as presets?

Long press I<<,>>I buttons to tune the stations, all stations found will be automatically saved to presets. Press I<<,>>I buttons to skip through the preset stations.

All Dual Screen Portable DVD Players

Where can I purchase a DC/AV cable, the one which connects the primary screen with the secondary?

The DC/AV cable can be purchased for $12 from Curtis International Ltd. Please mail a certified check or money order (payable to Curtis International Ltd) to 315 Attwell Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 5C1, ATTN: Customer Service Department. Make sure to include your name, complete mailing address, phone number with area code, model number of the unit and part required.


I have only one DVD disc. How do I watch it on both the screens?

To view the DVD disc on both the units, play the disc in B-Unit and connect the AV-OUT socket of B-unit with the AV-IN socket of A-Unit using the provided AV cable. Now press the IN/OUT button of the A-Unit to set it to the “IN” mode so it may receive the AV content coming from B-Unit via AV Cable.


The device is not charging or getting recognized by the computer.

The device comes with built-in battery completely discharged or empty due to safety regulations. Please connect the device with the computer for 4-5 hours before use.

SMP1002 / SMP1012 / SMP2002

How do I recharge the Li-Polymer battery in my MP3 Player?

Make sure the power switch is set to “ON”. When you connect the MP3 with charger, the light next to power switch will turn on and won’t turn off. Another light, besides the earphone socket, indicates charging status. It remains on while the battery is charging. When the battery is full, this light will turn off.


How do I copy images from my SD card to the internal memory of the photo frame?

Click on the following link to download the website manual and refer to the last page