Do I need to download any drivers if I use my GPS as a media player? There is no driver CD included.

GPD359 has been designed to connect directly with computers operating above Windows 98. You need to download drivers only if your computer is operating on Windows 98.

How do I make my GPS full Text-to-Speech?

Go to the main menu in navigation window. Click on “Settings”, go to the third page under “Settings” menu, click on “Set voice” icon and select the voice marked as “TTS” or “22Enhanced”.

How do I store home address? I lose it every time I switch off the unit.

To feed home address, do as follows: Go to the main menu after Sygic log in and click on “Settings”. Click on “Set home location”. Click on “Address and feed in the home address. The address will be stored in the “History” folder.

How do I store my daily routes in the Favorite folder? I lose them whenever I turn off the unit.

To store routes to the Favorite folder, do as follows: Turn on the unit. Click on “Navigation”. Click on “I Accept” at the bottom right. Click anywhere on the Motorway screen, it will take you to main menu. Turn the page & click on “Manage POI”. Click on “Add POI”. Click on “Address” & Store the information. While doing so, you will be given options. Choose “Favorite” and the information will be stored in that folder.

How do I use the maps of other countries on my GPS system while travelling outside North America?

Download map of country you plan to visit on a 2GB SD card. It should be in .PAK format. Load the card in provided slot. Switch on the unit, click on “Navigation” and go to “Settings” in main menu. Explore the Setting options and choose ‘Switch Maps”. Here you can select map of country loaded on SD card. NOTE: We do not sell maps of other countries. You must proceed with this exercise only if you have access to the map of country you plan to visit.

How many Points of Interest does it have?

11 million